Oyata's Passai - Application 19

First a special note that the filming was patched together using other video due to a hard drive issue. The techniques and methods are the same as the original filming, so this has not altered the information.

In this application there is a particular stance used (Cat Stance - Neko Ashi Dachi 後屈立), Now most practitioners will tell you this is a defensive action, however that is literally only half the story. The Cat Stance or Neko Ashi Dachi, can also be use as an offensive action as well, (the Yang to the Yin), as you will see in the demonstration. This action allows us to access the head and neck of a taller opponent easily and why it occurs just prior to the hand action of the Neck Scissors. It also serves to weaken the opponents nerve system to weaken the opponent and minimize the continued fighting capability, thus allowing easier access to the main targets.


The first tool as stated above is the stance action, where we use the ball of the foot or the head of the first Metatarsal bone (Base of the big toe) as a punching action to the opponents foot. This can "punch" several targets on the top of the foot to enact a neurological shock, dysfunction and subsequent weakening of the opponent.

The Neck Scissors specific tools are the Iron Sword as the primary weapon and the Iron Bone on the opposite side of the neck, (can be changed to the radial bone of the forearm for greater strength if needed).

Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affects in the private extended sections below.

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