ProbabilityEven in Kyusho

There is a method called inverse probability to make forecasts about events arising in complex systems of all types.  Inverse probability is also known as Bayes’ theorem, based on an early 19th-century formula first discovered by Thomas Bayes. The formula looks like this in its mathematical form:

In plain English, this formula says that by updating your initial understanding through unbiased new information, you improve your understanding. This method is used in the CIA and other Governmental Agencies for forecasting situational calculations.

The left side of the equation is your estimate of the probability of an event happening. New information goes into right-hand side of the equation. If it’s consistent with your estimate, it goes into the numerator (which increases the odds of your expected outcome). If it’s inconsistent, it goes into the denominator (which lowers the odds of your expected outcome).

Whoa, why the math?

Well it is basically to make a point, by studying Kyusho .

When you study Kyusho you study not only the Anatomy, but also the physiology and functionality of the human system.  When we apply the Kyusho, we also study (not just laugh) at the way the body reacts in the dysfunction caused.

This shows the manner in which the body rises, drops, looses control or moves from the application target.  This is not only studied, but also worked to duplicate with many varied individuals of all body types.  The yield is in fully knowing and being able to utilize Kyusho to your strategic advantage.

Let's look at a two person attack as an example of this concept:

As they come in at you, we choose the first and move toward that attack to apply our Kyusho targeting.  We have studied and fully realize how to control, maneuver and or drop the first assailant in a way that affects the second.  We fully realize there are targets that would just move the assailant away to open the path for the second and possible enable a secondary attack from the first again... say like just kicking them or punching them...or staying in the middle of them in an attempt to win.

Instead we cause a physical dysfunction that drops them in front of the second attacker or acts like a shield while we utilize the drop time of that opponent to accomplish the application and control of the second.

I realize this is difficult to envision for some without a video, however the purpose here is to get the reader to understand that Kyusho is a "STRATEGIC" process that greatly enhances your skills and protection methods.  When you train Kyusho, you train to know the reactions, responses and the possibilities of those you apply it on.  This builds your strategic arsenal and comprehension, int your natural responses and actions.

And all without changing what you already do.



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