"One point causes pain, two cause pain to meet in the middle, three points causes a knock out, 4 stops a major organ from functioning and 5 will kill."



They also say you must hit them in a specific order or formula but this is not true either!

Let's take it from a purely logical and scientific point of view... one point can kill if hit hard enough.  Place a really powerful blow on the chest, kidney, head and the person can me mortally wounded you don't need five points.

Now from the purely experimental and experiential perspective; we have actually hit 5 and more points in succession and we did not kill anyone.  We tried cycles of destruction (sounds cool huh?), we tried the yin and yang cycle (sounds so Martial Arty), we tried diurnal cycles (sounds mysterious), mother and son, father and daughter... ect. ad nauseum.

Guess what... no one died... we tried.  (By the way thinking logically with all the cycles we just mentioned... anything you hit is in some kind of cycle or another... so why think about it, just hit them).

OK same thing for an organ... punch someone in the kidney well and one shot can extinguish them... so you do not need 4 points.  That can also be said for the any organ to make it not function or damage it.  The Kyusho practitioner would be far better if they just worked on targeting points in realistic (as possible) training rather than studying a bunch of nonsensical theory as mentioned above.

To be fair though, three points can cause a KO... yes they really can, but so can one point... are you getting the gist of this yet?

Two points can cause pain in the middle, but does it count when it also hurts on the two points as well making 3?

You will notice that all of these are single targets, there is no need to involve series of targets for Kyusho to work... in fact as you do use series of points, you are more likely to be only superficial and therefore less potent in your attack.  You will also be so determined to gain a specific target that may never present itself, that you will loose the encounter due to too much thinking as opposed to responding.

So there is absolutely no need for sequential striking, but you need to train attacking multiple points anyway as a real confrontation will make it very difficult to count solely on your one point landing with precision and full effect.

But to practice contrived combinations with specific  sequences to cause fictitious affect is pointless.




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