White Ape 

Tongbeiquan (通背拳)

This is but one Monkey Style among many, however it is of note that this is also designated as (White), a distinction called out by the Bubishi many times throughout the text.

The full name of the original Tongbei Quan is Baiyuan Tongbei Quan (Baiyuan means white ape). Tong means unobstructed, open, pass through, joined up, or connect something together, bei means arms or back. So Tongbei means both arms and back connect together so
that the arm can be longer, internal force can be passed through smoothly, and power can be easily transferred by the arms and hands. The White Ape in China is called Tongbei Yuan which has very long arms (much longer than normal apes).

Being one of the earliest Chinese combat techniques, the White Ape Tongbei Fist is named after the arm movements of apes. It focuses on the mindset rather than the form of apes. It is also referred to as the Tongbei Ape. The Tongbei method was introduced to Beijing during the Qing Dynasty between 1820 and 1850. It features 24 consecutive moves and involves keeping one's arms stretched and swinging. The fist move is characterized by its flexibility. Practitioners can switch between moves smoothly. The technique is quite practical in real combat and has gained a great reputation in Niujie communities in Beijing.

The fist move is quite effective for its long striking distance and nimbleness. It focuses on one's speed and strength as well as mental resilience. Zhang Bin, who has been familiar with the books on fists since childhood, says the key to flexibility lies in practicing basic skills and reaching higher levels. One can penetrate deeper when the body and the mind work in unison. And the long range, necessary to affect the low level Monkey Shichen without jeopardizing the position by bending over.

Book of the White Ape Tongbei Fist.


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