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The Vital Point

Is to protect yourselves, family, friends and livelihoods.

Kyusho is a word that has many translations from the idea of emergency to vulnerability and many others.  It is not just Martial Art specific as there are vital aspects of all we do in life... but none more important than safeguarding your family, friends and or self from the approaching and imminent dangers we are facing in life.

Why do we train

Why do we train in the Martial Arts... bottom line, PROTECTION.  We train to maintain our health, vigor, to defeat an opponent or survive dangerous situations.  Being a Martial Artist means preparing for battle... what ever shape that battle or opponent takes... yes even financial.

So many people do not see what is coming at the world faster than anyone can imagine.  And that includes you money (no matter what country you are in), the internet, business and all commerce.  It is transforming right before our eyes into a Digital Asset Economy and New Internet of Things.

But there is a way to protect yourself, first by becoming one of the early adopters (we are now in the innovation stage of 1% - 3% of the populace).  Next year we will see an influx of 10% - 13% of the "Early Adopters" flood in... this means that the skyrocketing appreciation of the cryptos will have a massive surge as the economy, internet and governments adopt them.  So to let you know on Bitcoin alone this year (2017) it went up from$1000.00 to currently around $16,000.00 and that means next year at minimum 10x that growth.

So begin your self education now on forums, YouTube, blogs and twitter... what is happening... do not be the type that ignores it until you missed it as eventually you will be using it as sure as you are emails, internet and Facebook.  This is your future begin learning about it and some of the pitfalls that envelop any new venture, securing your new assets is one of them.  To that end this short video was produced.

This Video:

So many people trust online exchanges, especially those to to the sector.

But this is a huge risk to your financial well being and future. Exchanges can run into a lot of problems a they do not hold many cryptos, when you buy them, they in turn must buy them. If you take them off the exchange you can hold them yourself and safeguard the more.

However there is risk in loss, even with encrypted hard wallets, but there is a simple and secure way to keep your financial holding even safer that many have not considered.

This 30 minute film is for beginners...

But even seasoned crypto holders may learn a new method that is very secure and can have global access possibilities.

This will work for constant travellers, people escaping their countries due to natural diasaster, war or other calamities. Theft, home fires,travel confiscationat borders this is the Ultimate Financial Self Protection tool available.

Start a free Coinbase account with this link and when you buy $100.00 worth of Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum, you get $10.00 more for free.

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