Nai Han Chi Shodan - (circa 1996)

Nai Han Chi has always been a revered Kata as the versatility and unlimited possibilities standing or on the ground are ever expanding.  With so many possibilities one has to wonder, can the entire pattern be used against a single target area...?
Working with only 3 points as the focused Kyusho targets, Nai Han Chi Shodan is broken down into well over an hour of possible techniques. (filmed in my first school at a private seminar).
This was the first attempt at making a film, which was never released until the archive DVD set in 2012, which quickly sold out and will not be available on DVD again.
It shows how all the postures or actions in Nai Han Chi Shodan can be focused on a single target area, watching it again you can see a huge advantage in this type of focus or training. When you have targets as your focus over technique you unleash your Kyusho.
Used in striking, trapping, kneeing, tuite and many attack scenarios, even the beginning exposition of the Pyrrhic arm targeting to get the targets and sequential targeting application using the exact pattern.
Near the end of the film there is the entire joined three sections of this time honored Kata... it was the beginning of the full curriculum now used for a complete Martial Art.
This is an early revelation or epiphany that Targeting is far superior to Technique.


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