KeyAccomplished Skill

When people advance in the Martial Arts they are given certain techniques or Kata they must practice to advance.  This does develop physical ability, speed, mobility and even conditioned muscle coordination.

But there is only a finite list of these (Kata or Techniques) in most systems that end around 4th or 5th degree Black Belt.  From there it is what you do for the art or style in promotion that typically gains the individual another rank level.  (Of course there are some such as Judo that is performance based, but so very few).

And so it is with most Kyusho training groups and classes or seminars... as there are a finite number of "Pressure Points" or Theories and cycles.



There must be a different approach so that each level has a skill that must be also accomplished to maintain the escalation in degree worthiness.  It can not be based on memorized patterns of movement, nor should it rely solely on what you do for the group... (although this is a critical factor as well and must be accounted for so you are not just sucking off a system and not helping others)

First we do not have a new set of targets or tools (except in the early learning stages) and especially not techniques, for each level.   All that signifies is a good memory... each level must be tested adding an increasing spontaneous demand physically, mentally and spiritual (not religious, but your fortitude and attitude toe forge ahead no matter how difficult or fearful it seems).

But once that level say at a 5th training level (where revivals, arm, head, body and leg targets are know and acclimated for the individual), the targets should then be applied situationally as opposed to logistically or in set method or pattern... we have 4 of these prior to the test from a training level to practitioner level (difference explained below).

Training Level - This is your beginner stage where you learn about Kyusho, the inner anatomical structures and how to properly utilize them.  This is done all in motion so you develop your own personal style or to your own personal preferences... we are not a monkey see monkey do type training organization, you develop you.  After this is accomplished we then work in situational needs such as control, standing and ground grappling, as well as weaponed attack, but in a unique target based way that allows you freedom to not waste time copying others, but developing your own skills.  All done spontaneously allowing you to see what you absorbed and how you respond so that you can refine and develop more fully... remember no one can teach you,they can only give you information, you must learn to teach yourself.

Practitioner Level - Once you are adept at practical mobile targeting and result in many spontaneous and stressful conditions, we then have 10 physical skill challenges to further enable you to become better in all situations.  Instead of more techniques, more forms, more theories or information, What we have is a new mission for you to accomplish that raises your skill level and what is then possible from there.  We give you a single new mission or challenge to accomplish that raises your possibilities and capabilities exponentially.  We give you an idea to work with, in which you must use your prior skills in new ways and under increasing difficulty.  They are simple in idea, yet take years to develop a higher skill all while increasing your past abilities as well.  There are 10 of these Practitioner levels so each rank or level you accomplish you know yu can do more and gain more from yourself... not just paying for a certificate or licking someones boots for a new grade.

So if you are not being challenged and only memorizing new theories and "Pressure Points", then you are missing so much and will never reach your full potential.  We will help you if you are truly looking to gain actual skill over mere rank for memory skills.

If you are a professional Instructor or run a school, it has even greater benefits fr you and your people...

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