and begun anew...

Now that Kyusho is global, out of infancy and into the adolescent stage (The period of physical and psychological development from puberty to the onset of maturity and reproduction), the mission is changed, now separating the myth from the reality is the "Vital Point".

When you look at actual human anatomy, you will see nerves, blood vessels, muscles, tendons, organs, etc. . But you will not see pressure points, meridians or channels that the acupuncturist uses, not to say they do not work in acupuncture, but just to let you know they are not real anatomical structures.  But now a real model based on real anatomical structure, methods and scope... it is again gaining more acceptance.  New global locations are joining the journey and there are now more countries involved than not.

This is a reason that many people disbelieved in Kyusho and few out of the many that start Kyusho can make it work well.  Yes they can copy a technique done in a class or seminar, but they can not grow well from it on their own as there is no real base from which to work.  So many work only at the surface level as they use the point charts of Traditional Chinese Medical methods and never reach deeper set and real anatomical structures such as the nerves in Kyusho.

As Kyusho re-surfaced it was not understood, many sought various paradigms to label or stylize it... but it can not be stylized as it is not an art, it is an understanding (and of course working with the correct understanding).  As we work through experimentation, observance, experience and even medical research and backing, there is no denying the realities.

The realities:

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Functionality

The Mission:

To help people, help people with Kyusho, (this is to help them better understand their bodies and mental interactions with it and others) so they are no longer travelling blindly through life or numb to it's processes.  By understanding this we will be able to live a healthier more conscious (at first) and natural life as it becomes our unconscious way of living as it once was in the natural order.

  • Health
  • Wellness
  • Vitality
  • Intimacy
  • Control
  • Protection

There is a vital point or core in all of life, to be more efficient, productive and perpetually growing we need to work with the vital core components and not confuse or re-direct with improper facades or methodologies.

See the simple truth... the Martial Arts is a study of self in modern times, (how to move your body, position, build strength, speed, etc.), but when we are self absorbed, we only have that in which to work (singularly limited), as opposed to being absorbed in others (where are they weak, strong, vulnerable and how to capitalize for their need, control, health, intimacy).  This is unlimited.