We have long touted the amazing affects of Kyusho as an incredible Health and Wellness alternative.  Be it for restorative or maintenance the manipulation of the bodies nervous system is a profound and drug (poison) free method that anyone can learn and apply for friends and family.

Educating people all over the world in this aspect for decades has yielded many amazing stories of success and in turn led to greater discoveries and possibilities.  Just read a small sample of emails in the comments on this page:  http://www.kyusho.com/health/ .

Well the stories and successes are getting more profound as we learn more and more from it's everyday use... here is a short excerpt sent yesterday that we will follow up on in a later post this is from Max Maislinger of Salzburg, Austria about Wolfgang Seibold pictured here:

But far more important is, that in the Studygroup of Wolfgang Ludl and Clive Jevons,
there is a Wheelchairdriver called Wolfgang. All the doctors told him,
he´d never bee able to move again. He was not able to feel Pain or
control his Stomach or some othzer organs!

Since we are wrking on his nerves, he starts to feel pain again and his
controll of Stomach and bladder and intsestine is back mor than 80%. He
loves to work with Kyuhso and so we start to adapt points and techniques
for wheelchairdriver here in Salzburg.

So with diminishing returns with pharmaceuticals that are being found less effective and more damaging to the health of the individual, this study is imperative.  Waiting or relying on science is working against nature, we should be continually working on health maintenance as opposed to remedy of prior ailment, but it is great to know that we can also reverse some damages... to your health!

Submitted by Wolfgang Siebold:

wolfie_3My Story

I sustained fractures to the first and second cervical vertebrae in an accident. Unfortunately the injuries weren’t diagnosed until 15 years later, by which time neurological damage had been caused by permanent displacement of the vertebrae. My spinal cord was therefore displaced, crushed and seriously damaged. Following this diagnosis, I was operated on in the hope of an improvement. Over the years, the opposite became apparent, I became suspected of malingering. However, I finally found a clinic which refuted this and brought to light the results of the first operation:

Displacement of the cervical vertebrae: C1/C2/C3 at an angle of 38° and a severe constriction of the spinal cord with the Dens (odontoid process) being broken right off. This resulted in spastic paralysis and loss of function in all extremities. Neurological disturbances included: loss of sensation on the surface of the skin and deeper tissue; loss of sensitivity; the ability to produce pain, fever and perspiration were completely missing.
Loss of bladder and bowel control.
Lung function reduced to 1.5 litres capacity, still sinking. Dens broken off and penetrating the breathing centre.

However, as a youngster I had always wanted to take up the martial arts and achieve the grades. I promised myself that one day I would take a grading in a martial art.
I had to undergo another operation, but the prognosis was not encouraging. I was told that on coming round from the anaesthetic, I could be 99% paralysed from the neck down and permanently on a breathing machine. Out of the remaining 1%, I made a new life. I survived two serious operations within one week and experienced “near death” three times. The result: lung function increased to 3.6 litres capacity, cervical vertebrae stabilised with two titanium plates AND I was alive!

By a coincidence, I became acquainted with Wolfgang Ludl, and told him about my handicap and my wish to take up martial art again. Also that nobody allowed me the chance to even try. He gave me that chance. Why? I can’t say. He told me that he’d never seen such ambition or determination in the eyes of any other handicapped person. Perhaps that was the reason.

I started with kickboxing, in my wheelchair and also standing, starting with a ¼ hour training on my feet. Around 1 year later, I needed the wheelchair just to get to and from training. After a while I started with Goshin Jitsu. My motivation was the possibility of taking grade tests and that these could be adjusted to my handicap.

I made use of this opportunity as well, and have been able to register many changes in myself. I trained for the grading and with the help from Wolfi and Clive, we partly adapted the techniques to the wheelchair. I always wanted a combination of wheelchair and standing techniques. It was also important to me to demonstrate to others what can be achieved despite multiple handicaps and that it’s possible to strengthen the weakest link in the chain.

I’ve twice had the misfortune to be attacked, once by someone with a knife.

When Wolfi started with the Kyusho, I was there at once. It was particularly interesting for me because it concerns nerve pressure points and a maximum effect with very little use of physical strength. Also, I could see in Kyusho another possibility to increase my physical improvement and perhaps attain further bodily functions. In the meantime, Wolfi, Clive and now Benny have to slow me down occasionally. Last year, some time after starting my Kyusho training, I went for a neurological examination, as I noticed that I sometimes felt pain following a training session. My neurologist checked my nerve impulses and established an overall picture, also testing spasticity, bladder and bowel functions.

Well, Max, I’m almost at the end of this story. What has Kyusho done for me and how has it helped my handicaps?
• I’ll start at the lower end!: Bladder, bowel functions almost 95% under control.
• Spasticity (raised muscle tone) reduced by more than 80%
• Nerve pathways, pain sensitivity, ability to sweat and feel are, apart from a few areas, completely present again.
According to the neurologist and the professor who operated on me, and with whom I’m in constant contact, nothing has altered in respect of my cervical vertebrae. There is no medical explanation why this is so. All case documents regarding me and my case history go to research centres around the world. I am also unable to explain the past and present improvement of my condition. But I have never accepted my fate and know through a good friend of my youth, that a lot of old and traditional knowledge exists which modern science still does not understand. There are things one just can’t explain.

I’m very certain that, when people do what they believe in and enjoy it, they switch off logical thinking and are then able to do things they couldn’t achieve otherwise. Opinions and fear block all paths.

My 5. Kyu in Goshin was handed to me with the words “30 years”, because I’ve struggled for 30 years to achieve it and have reached my goal. At the moment, I stand shortly before the grading for the 2nd Kyu and level 2 in Kyusho. I’ve researched a lot and as far as I know I’m the only one with my level of handicap to have done so.

My aim is to find people like yourself, Wolfi, Clive and Benny and to show other people that by just sitting and waiting, you won’t reach your goal. It’s no disgrace to fall – you’ve got to stand back up and try again. I shall carry on my way and aim for my goals. I want to show others that everything is possible when you really work at it, helped by good support.

To finish, I’d just like to say, dear Max, my whole hearted thank you and here’s to good friendship.



Clive Jevons
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December 31, 2013


Wolfgang Ludl
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Markus Maislinger
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December 31, 2013


Benjamin Schlenz
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December 31, 2013