From Hohan Sokens notes Vital Points of Jyodan (Upper Row) and Spots to be attacked

Mimi (Ear):  Fainting - Attack by Isshiken (Phoenix Eye Fist), Uraken (Back Fist) and Dagger.

Affects:  Fainting -Because of nervous disorder caused by severe concussion to eardrums

Yes blowing out someones eardrum can cause many problems including unconsciousness, but looking  deeper at what Sokens Notes say,we see that a palm or back of the palm is not mentioned as a weapon. In fact the weapons or tools are smaller surfaces or more penetrating tools.

So what could be the basis of this serious target with a single knuckle or penetrating attack. Well it has to do with the Vagus Nerve. The vagus nerve is the tenth cranial nerve, it begins in the brain and extends downward into the abdomen innervating the brain, heart, lungs and several various organs of the digestive system.

Further Affects

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