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We as protection practitioners must always use mind first... we must train it to be open.

So many Karateka ignore certain elements of their style and Kata, as their instructor never taught them, so they looked no further.  The base of Okinawan Karate (real not sport) is Kyusho or the study of physical weakness in the body for attack and domination.

But once they allow their mind to open and realize that the founders of their style knew and utilized Kyusho as well as documented it, their Karate and Skills within, begin to change dramatically (for the better).  They begin to see more, do more and have new enthusiasm for the style.  And let's face it today many Martial Artists are studying so many other styles to make up for the gaps in their styles training.  They study grappling, tactics, weapons work, qigong, fitness,etc.. ., but they do not need to... they should instead integrate Kyusho in and this by itself will open all other aspects of the other styles right inside their own style.

As example a Shotokan (it could be any style), practitioner wants a full martial experience, so they begin to take other arts.  Their style has blocks, punches and kicks, but now they want grappling.... so the seek out a grappling coach and school.  (Hey Coach and instructors... you see this is why most people leave after training a short while, they want more, no not more Kata or even belts, they want more skills).  Then after grappling they want joint locks or elbow knee work, or a myriad of other skills that they will seek out other styles that are teaching it.  However once given the key of Kyusho, their minds open and they see it is all contained in their style now... so they do not need to leave their school in search of deeper ideas, advanced skills, other capabilities.  And once a mind is open it never shuts again... so the infinite capacity of Kyusho will keep the practitioners mind, body and spirit intrigued and growing as well as their physical skills.




But here's the catch... do not integrate it in your regular classes, keep it separate and as special as it is, remember it was the founders hidden (not secret) method.


It was their hidden understanding and base... but as stated it was not secret, they openly wrote about it, published it, even demonstrated it.  We have countless images of them performing it, we have films that show them, targeting the weaker anatomical structures.  Their texts had it enshrined forever... yet many Karate people do not look, they do not see and they refuse to acknowledge even when proven.  But once they open their eyes and see that it is and was always there, hiding in the background waiting for the right mindset to find, or as they say "When the student is ready,the master appears".


Kyusho opens the mind to think in multiple dimensions... so why don't more martial artists learn Kyusho?  Because they never opened their mind to accept there was something else, they did not know it all.  Another reason honestly is the BS that abounds in Kyusho, ie. pressure points, elements, theoretical professors that have great ranks sold them without the commensurate skill.  However if the Karateka opened their mind to the real instructors and tried the real Kyusho methods, their mind would be forever open, with no going back.

Will you open your mind this year?

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