Hey Doc...

Kyusho International has worked with Doctors from many disiplines and specialties to research Kyusho. We continously verify all methods for safety, physiology and function to insure the best training and information possible. Because of this relentless research and collaborative effort we are on the cutting edge of Kyusho advancement.

We then take our continually refined information to the hands on testing method wrking on a cross section of hundreds to thousand of individual of many countries, physical structure, race, and systems, to assure we have the most effective instructional system in the world. That is why we are The World Leader in Pressure Point Education & Certification, (we teach the teachers)

This is partial list of affiliated Doctors that aid in our research and who we have contributed to our ongoing medical research project for Kyusho:

Dr. Sergio Espejo MD - Micro Surgery

Dr. David Ellis, DC - Chiropractic

Dr. Arthur Lauretano, MD - Otolaryngology; Hp M C, General Surgery

Dr. Diane Roberts Stoler, Ed.D.  - Board Certified Neuro-psychologist

Dr. Vincent Zara, DC - Chiropractic

Dr. Helmut Kogel M.D. - (General and Vascular Surgeon) - Professor

Dr. Raymond Noschang, M.D

Dr. Wayne Morris, R.H.P.

Dr. Bryan J. Dufrene, D.C., D.A.B.C.O

Dr. Delfin Tavares, MD - Orthopedic Surgeon


There are more, but not listed yet, please check back.