Another Kyusho Affect

When we apply a correct neurological Kyusho attack, we can observe a loss of motor control. But why... we have seen other effects such as loss of consciousness as well as even seizures... but what is motor control and what causes this loss.

Motor skills can also be considered as coordination, this is the the manifestation of a complex set of cognitive (thought) and physical processes. Smooth, targeted, and accurate movements, both gross and fine, require the harmonious functioning of sensory input, central processing of the information in the brain and coordination with the high executive cerebral functions, such as volition, motivation, motor planning of an activity. The performance of a certain motor pattern is also important. All of these elements must work in a coordinated and rapid way to enable complex movements involving different parts of the body. First let's discuss the 3 types of motor control


Gross Motor Skills

Are basic and larger controlled actions such as, lifting your head, rolling over, sitting up, balancing, crawling, and walking. Generally the large muscles develop before smaller ones and as such, gross motor development is the base for developing skill and the finer motor skills of the smaller muscles.

Fine Motor Skills

This includes the ability to manipulate small objects, transferring objects from hand to hand, and various other hand-eye coordination tasks. Fine motor skills work through to even more precise motor actions and tasks, like using the thumb and forefinger to pick up small objects, as fine motor development refers to the development of skills involving smaller muscle groups.


This too is a motor skill in which there is no dominance between physical advantage of one side of the brain over the other. This makes tasks requiring fine motor skills easily performed with the left or right extremity.



Motor skill dysfunction has many causes, such as...



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