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In last month’s issue we covered a Kyusho KO that is possible with a single strike to the leg. The target was a combination of nerve and vascular tissue just behind the bend of the knee.  It is, as is this month’s writing, the targets of the Monkey, from the ancient Bubishi.


You may see result of the Blood Attack at these free YouTube links:


Attack 1:

Attack 2:

This month we will look at yet more targets of the Monkey and yet another Kyusho Leg KO.  Now this can be accomplished just using the nerve also causing a complete dysfunction or paralysis of the leg with a shock of pain followed by uncontrolled muscle collapse. Done well enough with a strike at the correct trajectory and weapon, we could also penetrate deep enough past the nerve and affect not only the blood vessels underlying, but also cause a vaso vagal syncope (fainting due to a drop in blood pressure).

These targets when attacked correctly will also cause a vasovagal syncope (fainting due to loss of blood pressure).  A Vasovagal syncope occurs in response to a triggered event, with a corresponding malfunction in the parts of the nervous system that regulate heart rate and blood pressure. As the heart rate slows, the blood pressure drops, this causes a lack of blood flow to the brain which in turn causes fainting and confusion.  That is how the sequence of targets in this method works, it is NOT chi or pressure points, it is not meridians nor is it fake… this is real physiology folks, and the sooner those who dispute Kyusho wake up…the sooner they may develop other more advanced skill.

As a way of describing how we can utilize these targets, we will take the easiest targeting, that of grappled action whereas the opponent holds us and there less movement.  When held in the Guillotine position the strength of the upper body is used to secure the opponent.  This focused strength can diminish the nuero messaging and blood flow to the legs, which will weaken them to a degree.

To initiate a nuero-messaging to further weaken the leg muscles, we can step or kneel on the foot (nerves and blood vessels impeded).  You should realize that you must get off this point before you strike as it will keep the foot pinned down and possibly break the metatarsals of the foot, damage the ankle , knee even a possibility of hip and lower back.  This is used to facilitate the nerves and make the need for power on subsequent points less.

Next we strike in a slightly staggered timing on two nerves; one just above the outer knee, and one at the inner thigh.  The inner thigh target is just where there is enough muscle separation to easily reach the Femoral Artery and Vein as well as the Femoral Nerve Branch.  The outer knee target should be struck with a penetrating force (and stronger weapon like bone of the knuckles), with the correct trajectory of 45 degrees down through the knee area toward the rear of the leg.

The strike to the thigh target has a trajectory down in toward the outer heel, as you simultaneously stretch it downward on impact.  The affect will be a stretching of the nerve and vascular tissue as well as the blood flow in the vessels.  This will take a sharper and harder object like a knuckle (from fists, wrists or the Iron Bone Hand of the 6 Ji Hands found in the Bubishi), as the thighs muscles are large and you need to get deep between them.

As soon as your opponent begins to fall, you must take your foot off of theirs as it will escalate the possible damage.  The harder the opponent grabs the more potent this technique will be...CAUTION MUST BE USED IN THIS TECHNIQUE!!

This is a very easy and powerful escape from the guillotine lock, yet not an easy KO, if it were more people would be copying it.  This takes time, training and the right understanding of the anatomical structures and functions to affect correctly.  As such most beginners (in Kyusho terms) may not succeed with a KO right away. Yet even without the KO, this technique will lock out the leg so as to possibly damage the Foot, Ankle and or Knee… making it still a very powerful atrial Technique.

To see 3 Kyusho Applications of this articles technique on YouTube use this link:

Kyusho offers so much more than just a way to knockout an opponent, it can weaken the opponent, disable them, position them, or even help restore a body to full functionality and wellness.  We talk mostly about the KO as quite honestly it attracts people to the art.  But once the individual can get past this and focus on the infinite possibilities Kyusho brings to any art or style, the further they will advance as a Martial Artist.


Bubishi Use

The targets of the Monkey are only one of twelve sets of targets in the Bubishi… labeled “Sichen” or the Zodiac postures.  In these are described the target and relation to time, be it the best time attack or the time to have related dysfunction or death.

These time periods for results are the result of blood and organ attack more so than nerve… as nerve is generally instant in reaction.  When looking at this manual, we need to consider old fighting method was typically armed with sword, dagger, spear and arrow, these times may relate more to the time it would take a body to bleed out, hemorrhage internally (causing various and numerous lethal affects… remember emergency medical care was not present in this era), or die from body toxification.

So if the main theme was blood attack (Dim Mak), we need to then base our actions against these blood structures as in this attack.  We can see this in the film clips above; several blood attacks and one nerve attack to measure the difference and reactions to that difference. In the blood attack (true Monkey” target), the body is seen to fade as blood pressure is rapidly dropped and produced fainting as the result.  In the final nerve attack (better for modern protection), we see the rapid instantaneous affect.  This nerve attack is far more dramatic, less damaging and possible to combine with the blood attack as well.

Were these targets only used as blood, or nerve…no one can say for sure, yet the manual leans toward blood attack as the base.  But fortunately with the study of Kyusho through Kyusho International (no other Kyusho groups have this knowledge or actual skill), you can realize this level.

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