Target #10 : These targets are branches of the Lateral Cutaneous Femoral Nerve. By compressing this nerve against the hipbone you are affecting the somatic nervous system, which controls the voluntary muscle control. These both targets are branches of the same nerve and will yield similar results.

This nerve can be pressed into the Femur (Thigh Bone), yielding several physical effects on the recipient:

  • The targeted leg will experience intense pain and dysfunction.
  • Hip shifts inward as the leg collapses inward as well.
  • Opposite leg sifts out in a cross body extension reflex.
  • Hands spring open.
  • Physical strength diminishes as the body is collapses and twists away on the targeted side.
  • As weight drops onto an extended stanch, mobility is restricted.
  • Opposite arm also extends upward and out as a part of the extension reflex.
  • Causes cognitive thought loss temporarily.

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