GB-20How do I learn Kyusho?

It will depend on the level of education you are looking for:

Of course there are the instructors with hands on first and foremost, however many are not in easy travel distance to one.

That is where we have a great success, in helping many in remote locations, not only learn Kyusho, but also to become skillful instructors.

There is a free membership where you learn from an email subscription to the blog you sign up on the main page (

  • There is a free Kyusho Discussion Forum. Just create an account at:
  • Then there are 4 levels of Video, text and image designed to give you a better understanding at in 4 price ranges (you must be a free member first:
  • The online program also has the curriculum and testing procedures described and how to rank online... you can see an outline of the curriculum at this page:
  • There is a Kyusho International Membership which allows you to take classes anywhere at one of our affiliates locations as well as test for various skill levels:
  • And finally there is the affiliate program where we help you develop a group to gain skills exponentially as well as running the group to become a certified instructor:

Check it out free:  Click Here

So it will all depend on the direction you wish to take, let us know and we can help you further... as we have in 35 countries around the world.