What's the difference?

An Arm nerve is an arm nerve right, there is no difference... well there is a big difference, it is called affect.

First we must get into real anatomic structures like nerves, vascular tissue, muscles bones and tendon to better understand the why's. Why something affects our arm and why another nerve, just an inch or two away affects a leg. You can not accomplish that with conceived meridians and pressure point, you need actual anatomy and physiology to fully understand it.

When we attack the Radial Nerve as example, we effectively weaken the legs. When we attack the ulna nerve, we constrict the arm. But they are both in the arm and less than two inches away from each other. So what makes them affect totally different areas of the body?

That is what people that are really studying, teaching or just researching their Martial Art and style should discover. You also need the practicality of hands on practice (hopefully under the guidance of an instructor that knows the real anatomical structures and affects.

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