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Or be doomed to follow

You can change.
You can not change others.
They will change when they see you change... but they must do it themselves.
Lead by example, let others follow by desire and so in turn, lead others.

Kyusho is changing the martial arts, but is as all in life, one person at a time.  So often we are swept up with our passion that we try to push it upon others and wonder why they do not jump to learn this invaluable information.  Because of human nature, we are programmed to pursue only what we desire, not what another wants us to pursue.   So we must give others the opportunity to see, feel and understand for themselves what Kyusho is (it is different for everyone) so that they may desire it for themselves.

This can only be accomplished by example and not by words written or stated... it must also not be in a manner that they must copy.  People need to be free to express themselves in any venture and find their personal style of the endeavor.  And so it must be a free path, with guidelines to keep the individual from straying too far off the path to get lost or weakened. The path must be experience to fully understand, evaluate and evolve with, not just theory or knowledge... it must lay in your hands not just your mind.

We as individuals need to get past the technique, the drill, the pattern to seek the vital point or underlying concept.  We must not force others to adapt to specific physical methods we must show them the principles and let them discover their own truth.  This will be difficult as history is wrought with controllers and those that instill a mindset as opposed to allowing personal discovery.

However there still again must be parameters to support the growth, just like a support stick for a tomato plant that keeps it upright so that proper utilization of sunlight and water dispersal so more fruit can grow.

Do not force change, let others watch you evolve and seek their own path... truth always wins, look for it and do not follow blindly and do not wander blindly.



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  1. sen-no-sen says:

    I Think the same. My karatè collegues are very skeptical about Kyusho. I Think it’s better to let them “feel” watt Kyusho is, during karatè sessions, and not convincing them that them must try. I only must be patient….

  2. admin says:

    You only need to reach one person at a time, as they will and so on to where it grows exponentially.

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