The Kyusho Tactical Control Program (KTCP), has been helping Law Enforcement Officers around the world increase safety, efficiency and control in their professions.

Here is one such endorsement:

I’ve been a police officer for over 11 years now. I am working as a police-detective at the moment but I have worked as a streetcop for over 6 years and I was a member of a special arrest unit specialised in arresting persons in riot situations and difficult situations for over a year.

Since I started studying kyusho I have used it in my policework and it really made a big difference. The great advantage of using pressure points is that you can use them in everything you used to do already, but get a much better response. Also you can use them and the people standing by can’t really see what’s going on. I’ve had a lot of people trying to resist their arrest but by using kyusho I was able to take them down easily and control them in a way the bystanders thought he just slipped and fell to the ground.

Another great thing is that when you understand what a point will do you can use it to get a result without having to use other violence. For example, when a person holds on to a fence or their steering wheel in a car it’s really easy to open the hands by using a pressure point on the wrist. If you don’t know this you will have to fight to open the hand which will lead to more violence and more comments/complaints from bystanders. While it is true not everybody will react to a pressure point the same way, it has been my experience that in real life almost everybody will have a reaction.

I highly recommend the KTCP not only to all LEO but also to all people who might have to control aggressive persons. The points taught have all been tested in real live against resisting opponents and maybe just as important the way the program teaches the material will make sure you will be able to find the point and be able to use it right after the lesson.

Jaap Jan de Lange
Constable First Class
Department of criminal investigation Flevoland, Dutch Police