Thinking Beyond the Norm

When you begin to learn Kyusho, it seems there is to much information to comprehend and apply into acquired skill.

When people hear about Kyusho, they first go to the internet where they are inundated with thousands of links, pages, images etc.. Next they search on YouTube where again they are met with so many videos, so how does one go about really learning and developing skill, well more and more research, but more importantly cross research, reverse engineering and then validation.

This validation stems from Scientific Studies, Medical Studies, Validation and Cross Correlation with Doctors and Practitioners alike. Other research keys were in old documents and manuscripts prior to the 1920's "Closing of the Fist". This was a contingent of Karate Masters that met and changed the art for public consumption and changing the term China Hand to Empty Hand. This is when they began to change the hand positions, body actions, postures and Katas themselves. They turned the Martial into Sport.

History of course is a great foundation and starting point for your research, basically picking the minds of the Masters of Old. But if we are to understand more fully and develop greater skills, then we must make a transition to newer information as well. Not only newer and more current information, but actual field testing in other fields of endeavor like survival, medical, dental, even sports physiology. There is no limit to what you can learn when you do not limit your mind and sources of information.

More details on the clotting factor in the private extended sections below.

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