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MJAn Original

Kyusho and Dim Mak have been trained for centuries.

From centuries ago we have been passed one of the original Kyusho - Dim Mak training devices; The Mook Jong.  Although this device is more known as a Wing Chun training device, the original intent was to train and condition the practitioners hands to apply Dim Mak.

I had learned this form 40 years ago and practiced it as a solo form in the air for all the years prior to getting an actual Mook Jong.

It has helped condition my hands (especially the strength and delivery action of the 6 Ji Hands) as well as work on the energetic transfer that enables Kyusho to work.

Well recently I moved and to my shock, the movers had broken a leg of my friend, these are not easily replaceable so I decided to build the missing pieces myself.

So pardon this little journey in the "Revival of my Friend", but I work the form again (a bit rusty from the time off), and as nextra I added a Nai Han Chi Shodan, Nidan and Sandan to the Jong as well.

To watch my training with it from the 1990's with additional Kyusho applications of the first moves of the form...

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