Advanced Kyusho Sound Projection - Part 4

Kyusho Side Headlock

Working into more ground fighting methods, throws per say on the ground where we need to our opponents to be dis-mounted or thrown off us. This time from the side headlock position, where the weight displacement is far greater with less leverage on our position. Not only is the weight distribution against us, their body position dictates we will need to drag the full length of the opponents body across us. this is substantially more difficult than the simple mounted position and greater skill is needed in accomplishing the correct sound projection frequency.

Now it need to be stated that this is not sepaearte from Kyusho, it is simply a Kyusho Enhancement method and must be trained as such. All Kyusho as example changes the attackers body physiology and function via surges in neurological impulses into the opponent. Using the sound will not have the same affect on you as you will hear it internally as you are projecting it. This is due to the inner resinance of the head structure and composition. It is also a bit more challenging to get the right pitch that will be effective on the opponent instead of yourself.

I can honestly say, I have not "Yet" tried to change myself via the internal pitch asmy full focus is on the conquest of the opposition, not to possibly weaken myself heading into the conflict. However, it may bare investigation as their may be some thing or discovery that can be reverse engineered into a more potent attack method. Time will tell what comes of it, but as I said, worth a bit of time and energy to find out.

Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affects in the private extended sections below.

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