Advanced Kyusho Sound Projection - Part 2

Today we're going to be discussing the second in the series, that we're going to be doing on sound projection. This is level two in a logical step to progression that will help you develop this skill to become naturally adept in applying. It will help you realize and expect what is going to happen to the opponent when you enact this on them. 

Last week you saw that we worked on a special technique that was more or less just a stationary impractical application, although it has practicality and it's very easy to enact once you train it. This is typically the problem that most people don't train a technique that they see here, or are on my videos, if they practice at all. As most people just come here for the entertainment... and I get it, I get it it's interesting to see what Kyusho can do to a human body. It's actually quite funny you find us laughing all the time because we just can't believe that the body reacts that way.

Anyway this technique is going to be more in the throwing realm, so we stepped up from a standing application that you could see the effects you can get the measurements on in a very stayed position, now into more of a dynamic throwing technique (Morote-Seoi-Nage) a shoulder throw from the Judoka or the Jiu Jitsu arts. We are going to be using this method through that action with the sound projection used last section. This will be let you understand what's going to happen to the individual when we enact this.

Last week I explained that this first sound we're using (of two sounds in this series), with a number of training techniques. I'm asking you to work on these every week because if you don't work on them you're never going to realize them and you're never going to ingrain them into your body and natural skills. Also without training them, you're never going to get the benefits, they will just become an entertainment purpose only. This is a short little technique that we're going to go through to show you the application discuss the effects as you see them enacted in real time.

As we were talking about this first sound that we're using where we were talking about it making the person that hears the sound feel ungrounded or lighter. They will not able to situate, or hunker down, or get that solidification of the body that so many people like to do when they hunker down into a fighting position. So this is going to elevate into a an enactment now, it will be crucial for the rest of your Kyusho training as it will take the person off balance in such a way that your Kyusho will sink in a little better in certain applications. Now let's face it nothing is 100% so you have to understand the dynamics of the situation at hand.

You have to train in many situations and eventually in a spontaneous manner. You must start any training as you usually do in a very stepped methodical progression, like we're doing here and then build up over time into a spontaneous reaction. Even MMA professionals start with techniques and they practice and practice and practice them until they can get it into a live grappling, spontaneous situation. We do the same thing with Kyusho even though when we're doing our videos we like to show the training aspects.

Anyway this technique is going to give you a much better throwing capability for this particular throw as it gives you the ability to lift a much larger opponent easily. When you hear the sound you are going to relate it with something and it's going to help you because it's it's enacting your mind, your body and your spirit. The mind is first ingraining the sound and it's use into your head. It will work into your body when you develop the touch and the timing. You will know it's right when you feel the sound going through the opponents body during the throw. When the sound is enacted and is correct, then it will infuse in your spirit as the faith of knowing the technique is going to work for you. Once you have developed this faith, your body just cuts down on the resistance to anything, like second guessing yourself and you go right through the throw naturally. You might not even know you're doing it at any point once this sound is ingrained into your training.

This is a very important in these beginning steps that we're doing with these two sounds and the sound projection that hopefully brings you through the idea and how they work.

Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affects in the private extended sections below.

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