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Not Defense

The term "Self Defense" has a negative connotation that from the start can yield failure for the user.  The problem is that this label already portrays in the mindset that the individual is a victim of a violent act or aggression and that the practitioner should perform a defensive action.  This premise of acting after the fact is why most people succumb to the aggressors actions and never fully recover from the initial attack or fear inducing situation.

The opposite is actually a safer method and mechanism of prevention and situational awareness that are a proactive or offensive shield that must be employed.  This is the "Vital Point" in protection, that of being properly prepared for any eventuality other than for a few scenarios.  So too the training must encompass far more than simple techniques, they must be reflexive, adaptable, spontaneous and possible under the affects of adrenaline rush during severe stress and emergency.  Even beyond these limitations are inborn limitations that must also be addressed for the user to actually succeed, this is not technique, this is the very soul of the individual and their capacity to do what is necessary.  There is a major difference in the pattern or gross motor skills that Men and Women have that must be addressed before they will in fact combat themselves in time of need.  Everything thereafter must be based on these instinctive actions so that they obtain the most efficient protective skill that requires no thought or constant practice (although this of course is best approach).

Proper tools must be trained that will be natural for the gender in accordance with the gross motor skills that are natural for the individual.  This will increase their efficiency and affect without possible injury to themselves.

Beyond the reflexive inborn tendencies are the mental barriers that range from normalcy bias (thinking it wont or cat happen to you, just others as it has not yet occurred) to getting past the common fear, repulsion or inability to strike another being.  Far more people (especially in the female gender) have this repulsion or inability so the typical classes that try to teach damaging the eyes, throat, joints and bones will never become an accepted action their conscience will allow them to use instinctively.  Additionally one must learn how not to present themselves as a potential target from their thoughts, actions or habits that actually place them more at risk.

The practice of a set technique for a situation is so encumbered by limitation that it becomes a recipe for failure... they must instead be educated in target over technique that takes all the previously stated limitations and instinctual tendencies into account.  There are far too many ways that an individual could be attacked that it is impossible to practice a technique for all possibilities, rather they need to understand and learn a different mental attitude.  Training specific targets with dynamic motion, timing, force and intensity as well as environments (as each will affect the abilities or the possibilities of the individual),will enable the practitioner in far greater adaptive possibility.  These given targets should also not be reflexively protected by the assailant as that will diminish the efficiency or affect the practitioner is able to deliver.  As example the strike to the groin or other typical targets taught, like the eyes, are protected by inborn reflexes that work to protect these targets with withdrawal or covering type actions.  The vital targets learned must not have this reflex, yet still be potent enough to disable the attackers physical functionality instantly, this is Kyusho.

We are now making the Kyusho Self Protection (KSP) program, which is the most comprehensive and advanced protection instruction for all ages and genders, publicly available.  This special program is divided into separate modules with increasing mental and physical preparation along with intensity of attack.  With this exclusive training, the practitioner will become 100% more empowered and capable of protecting themselves and loved ones... because it educates the individual to act naturally.  No one is not forced to perform set techniques, nor are they instructed in actions that are not instinctive to them, or for one particular scenario or attack.  This method has had the test of time, experience and global verification as it is taught in over 30 countries around the world with 100% success.  Here is a glimpse of what is involved:

Level 1:
Is an expanded edition in condensed format of the original program including simple targeting and weapon formation to intercept the attacker.  Participants are slowly encouraged and empowered by the instructors through an escalating training session that leaves them fatigued, empowered and exhilarated, boosting self confidence as well as skill.  You hear about and learn:

  • Getting past the fear of striking
  • Developing the strikes
  • Working specific targets
  • Working coordination
  • Timing
  • Motion
  • Induced Stress environment
  • Normalcy Bias
  • Situational awareness
  • Who is a target
  • Kyusho targeting
  • Multiple person strategy
  • Environmental training

... and so much more, that by itself stands as a must have for anyone interested in self protection and especially those teaching it.

Level 2:
In the second level builds from the first, illustrating the simplicity and power of self protection with Kyusho under more restrictive and personal attack.

This level includes the same targets and weapons along with new targets and weapons, geared to handling increased stress and confinement of attack or situation. This escalates the urgency, intensity and allows the participant to experience the limitations of the adrenaline rush. This poses a more difficult range of motion and timing, as well as adding a more immediate and personal attack feeling.

  • Physical pressure
  • Physically caught and constrained need
  • Escaping
  • Target awareness and recognition
  • Continuity
  • Multiplying targets
  • Escalated street scenarios
  • Restriction of normal clothing

... and more.  In fact by starting in workout clothing in the safe environment we escalate to live attack in street clothing and environment.  We witness the misses on specific targets, due to stress, clothing and environmental aspects, but still success is obtained as the mental training taught is linked with the physical that brings ultimate victory.

Limited Edition

These are two new releases, recently filmed in 2012 and 2013, with an added bonus of the old original program archive filmed in 2005 (for those that purchased the eBook we include it in DVD format).

In this special package you get Self Protection level 1 (expanded edition in condensed format), level 2 more personal and difficult assault escapes... and the extra bonus archive of the original KSP that was released in 2005 (never before on DVD).  This is a total of over 4.5 hours of instruction, action, strategy, mental focus, incapacitation and yes even Kyusho KO's... unparalleled instruction in the field each one performed by complete beginners to self protection.  This is a must have education in our increasingly anxious and turbulent times.

If you order the set and are an instructor, please contact us for a free instructional plan. Or to organize a course for your needs contact us at:

$99.00 there will only be 100 of these DVD sets made... there will be no more, this is to serve well over 10,000 prior clients...

No payments or interest for 6 months  (sorry US format only -English Language) don't wait - order now.

Sold Out... sorry you missed it.

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  1. admin says:

    Well thank you,thank you, thank you!

    This limited edition set of DVD’s has now almost sold out in only two days from people in 19 countries!

    And for those that ordered we have already sent your 7 page marketing and instructional plan… here’s to your success!

    Don’t forget to send in your success stories in the coming months!

    Very few left… good luck.

  2. admin says:

    OK folks almost sold out and this will not be available in DVD again.

    This is 3 DVD’s with several hours of video on one of the most successful Kyusho training programs ever produced.

    Order yours above and you will receive it in a day or two… great gift idea!

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