The Beginning of Kyusho Training

This is the first and most important level in the study of Kyusho.

It is the proper way to revive and or restore your training partner if they should need it.

Without this knowledge and especially your skills in these methods, you should not experiment with Kyusho on another individual.

As each person reacts differently according to their individual physiology, you must be fully prepared to handle any possibility responsibly and assuredly.

This critical yet simple method is often overlooked, which is like practicing blind. We strongly urge all Kyusho Practitioners to use this in each practice session be it training or real revivals you are doing.

Additional Topics

  • Introduction
  • Assessment
  • Basic Lung Revival 1
  • Basic Lung Revival 2
  • Basic Lung Revival 3
  • Intermediate Lung Revival
  • Revival Positioning
  • Knockout Revival 1
  • Re-balancing Energy
  • Revival Caution
  • Excess and Depletion
  • Heart Revival




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