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Well let's start by saying "Kyusho is not a Martial Art".

It is a study of the human anatomy and physiological function... it can apply to martial arts, health service, exercise, personal energy development and fitness as well as intimacy (and this is not just sex folks).

You see when you really understand your own body as well as others at it's core (or Vital Points, of life  sustaining function), you understand so much more of life.  Let's take a brief tour of some of the benefiting areas Kyusho has.


Martial Arts:

Yes it will benefit any style of martial art, or even trained correctly could even be a way of training without learning so many set techniques and patterns.  This leaves the individual with far more potential and efficiency as a personal protection program.  It works with understanding your opponents weaker areas and how to spontaneously access them so that less strength, speed, endurance and physical prowess is needed.


Health & Wellness:

Once you understand the physiological functionality of the body, you are able to help others attain a functional balance leading to improved health (and in turn your own).  In turn this helps you Martial Skills as well adding ethics to the package.  As example offering a Martial Method that incapacitates the leg of our training partner, at the same time we train to remedy the pain and dysfunction, gives us a greater understanding and also ethics when applying Kyusho to another.


Exercise & Fitness:

Now by understanding the hurting and the healing aspects related in Kyusho, we can better understand certain exercises to work in conjunction with the Kyusho.  We will know what movements, actions or stretches will enhance the inner physical structures along with the external most people focus on.  Every exercise can or should be done not only with the muscles or metabolic aspects, but it should also involve the nerves and many other functions.  If the nerves are the structures that help organs, processes, functions to occur (excepting the lymphatic system), then working to invorgate, sooth and increase the efficiency in them would be of paramount importance.  There are many exercises like Kata, Yoga, Ba Duan Jin and more that work in these ways, but you must learn how in order to realize the potential, it is not as simple as moving something.



By energetics, we are not discussing the term or concept of Chi as much as we are the energies in the body that serve to keep it functioning.  Again these energetic aspects are kinetic movement, brain access, circulation, nerve efficiency or function and others.  These are real and measurable energies in the body such as brain waves, that we can work with to increase health, alertness, functionality and more. But this work alone again is not enough, all systems must be simultaneously and systematically worked for maximum benefit.



Ah most will say "Kyusho Sex" and snicker... but it is not simply or exclusively this.  Each day we have intimate relations with family, friends, co-workers, clients etc.  This interaction is the vital point with much of life successes... working to read another person by first understanding your own body and processes, helps you also read or be more attuned and sensitive to others as well.  Yes it also makes sex incredibly more intense, but this is just another benefit, not the full scope.



Do not be shy about asking your questions below in the comments because many people have the same questions and would benefit, as they may be too shy to ask.





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