Advanced Kyusho Sound Projection - Part 3

As we have discovered and trained in the past two segments were both the proper application of the sound projection as well as the way in which it affects the opponents physical and physiological being. This includes breaking their balance, ungrounding or unbasing the opponent, to allow the Kyusho to sink in deeper and have a more profound and devastating affect. these prior techniques have taken in through two modalities being a static application as well as a more dynamic one, albeit still planned and not a spontaneous or stressful application.

The next step will be to develop it with unsuspecting individuals as well as in more benign, yet fluid actions such as ground grappling. This can be and is accomplished by having the higher level practitioners (that have learned this information) work with lower training level people (in classes and seminars), without letting them know what we are adding. In the sound applications, they will not feel anymore pain than how they are applying their Kyusho, just the affects will be greater and more rapid. They Trainer will think that the more experienced Practitioner is getting this greater affect just from their experience and skill, which is partially true, but in this case with added.sound projection.

Now in the ground grappling is is very easy to apply in many varying positions (which will be covered in subsequent releases), in a very fluid and dynamic spontaneous way. As there is no more pain than usual, there will be no special clues for the Trainer to pick up on except the greater affects. Once the method is validated on non suspecting individuals, then you can bring it back up into your Practicing levels more combatively and realistically.

Later in the training, we will cover the counters, so that even practitioners can develop the skill to an even higher degree and negate their opposition, even using these methods. This is much like our "Iron Shirt" methods that have layers of built in protective processes and the overrides of those processes. We have always reverse engineered and cross trained everything and every level so as to have the highest skill development. It also helps it become more natural and automatic.

How it works

A recap and greater detail on how sound projection affects the nervous system, will include ...

Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affects in the private extended sections below.

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