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Since the beginning of our modern Kyusho journey, we have constantly and consistently conferred and collaborated with the Medical Sciences, Doctors and other Medical/Scientific Professionals. This helped us find and validate Real Kyusho of the Old Masters and documents.

Starting with Pressure Points was an easy route as there were set numbered maps that were easy to remember. However we knew these were not the real Kyusho and that these Pressure Points were only a superficial explanation for beginners and those that chose not to seek out the real Kyusho. Those that chose not to study further (or want to), the human anatomy, physiology, function were also not inclined to verify the ramifications.

We not only researched the possible health and dysfunction ramifications (and continue to do so), but we cross correlated it with many Medical disciplines and sciences. This in turn helped us reverse engineer the damaging processes into trauma reversal and therapeutic health,, wellness and first aid use cases. Even after refining these processes, we continue to research and develop new methods to not only keep our Kyusho Practitioners safe and healthy, but also to help other afflictions like PTSD , PPSD, Phantom Pain, Parkinson's, Arthritis, with inroads into Alzheimers and Dementia as well (More on this up coming as we are still collecting testimonials as well as insights for new use cases).

About this Film

This film was archived for almost two decades, but is now available to our subscribers to historically document Kyusho's and this sites modern journey, to help future generations learn and hopefully continue the work. We thank the indefatigable Gary Rooks as well as all the Doctors that helped in the progress. This goes far beyond the Martial applications and understanding of the ancient Martial ways and core, it digs deeper into the health and wellness for these future generations as well.

This is not the end, it is only a beginning that is bigger and brighter, to help more people, help even more people with Kyusho (this is the Vital Point and the moto of Kyusho International and Kyusho.com from it's founding)

Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affects in the private extended sections below.

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