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Kyusho is hitting the mainstream in many forms of media. We all know it is in books, videos, YouTube and other internet offerings, but it is also in many movies as well as television shows.

Steven Segal movies have shown Kyusho as well as in his appearances on TV (Russian). It is shown each time the MMA is broadcast as each KO is traceable to Kyusho, this is in combative processes. But all of this is old news to those that actually train the Kyusho.

Well would it be surprising to you to know that even the revivals have been portrayed? That's right a television series has even used the Heart Revival (film on Patreon and Platinum Subscriptions)

The Heart Revival

We actually have two of these, teaching the first as part of the first Kyusho Training level Requirements and was featured in a recent movie; The Humanity Bureau. A 2018 Canadian dystopian action science fiction thriller film directed by Rob W. King. It stars Nicolas Cage and Sarah Lind. The film was released on April 6, 2018.

To see the revival from the movie as well as other Kyusho and Revival portrayals in movies, as well as a actual Kyusho Application from some of them...

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