Kyusho Leg Tactics

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twist-stanceChi Gerk and Felled Tactics

Exploring Kyusho attacks on the legs with a Tactical approach and methodology, is a rare instructional model or training program.  There are two main levels of training; first working with Chi Gerk or a Sticky Leg training Drill to provide the tools and targets that will be needed in the practical applications.  Once these are ingrained (using Cross Neural Programming) we progress to tactics that are common and for some odd reason not taught in most styles... especially using Kyusho..

Many Kyusho Practitioners (or Martial Artists of many styles), never train or even think about this possibility, they believe more in sterilized Dojo Techniques than more real world tactics.  At, we always try to get you to train differently and with more realism.  If you are attacked it will not be Dojo technique that saves you... and as Musashi would say... "You must pursue the value of this technique through training".

Taking it further, you will see many possibilities within your Karate, Wushu, Kung Fu or Indonesian based arts (Silat,etc.).   The ancient cultures were very intelligent and skillful warriors, proven through real experiences and preserved throughout their training programs.

We are offering this ideology as well as new training method or drills and rarely known or used nerve targets (not even used by those that hang on to the archaic and inappropriate "Pressure Points".   This training process was filmed in 2010, Canary Islands (off the North African Coast) and added for all Gold and Platinum subscribers. (6 new productions added this year so far as we ad one each month - Free for our subscribers)

In real street attacks we see many common methods, why many do not accept, understand and prepare for this is unknown.  For those that do train this, you are protecting or preparing yourself or students for this possibility... we applaud your open mind and willingness to help others... keep it real.

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