It's in your Hands not you're Head

So often, people witness Kyusho being demonstrated, taught or practiced and see (or think) how easy it is, but become frustrated when the can not duplicate it quickly.

This stops so many from becoming successful and skilled, but it is so nuanced in many ways that one needs to pick up on and deploy all the same nuances. It also has to do with practitioner familiarity to the technique, meaning is the method natural for the practitioner or must they train it to become so.

These Guys

Are experienced Kyusho Practitioners as well as instructors, however they still experiment with ideas they have seen or created. And s with any new technique or method, experience is required in making it work. So they get together occasionally to play with ideas and concepts to see if they are first workable, then viable for their personal skills. They are Tom Gallo of Long Island, NY (USA) and the other is Rob Frappier of Kitchener, Ontario (Canada) and they were filmed going through a smaller concept workout.

Application 1

We see them working mainly on the eyes as targets ...

Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affects in the private extended sections below.

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