One of the most frequently asked questions of people just starting out in Kyusho is what do I do if someone does not respond to Kyusho.  This is due to many various physical attributes that humans have and are unique unto each.  However there are ways to work to accomplish your Kyusho even on those seemingly un-affected.  Several off hand isbody structure, if a person has a short stout neck, dense with muscle and little accessibility to the underlying anatomical targets, then they will be less respondent to the neck targets than those with longer necks.  It is this common sense approach that will get you past not only natural physical protections, but also those conditioned by their martial art.

For example if someone trains arm conditioning drills or arm contact striking exercises, then the body is conditioned to no longer respond to these area targets, the body responds to constant trauma).  The same with boxers and head targets, Judoka with outer body targets, Uechi practitioners with Sanchin, etc.

The good news is that by studying fully the art of Iron Shirt, you become first aware of the protections, can learn to override the conditioning, seek alternate targets, use specific hand and foot positions (weapons) or just hit them harder with those specific weapons.  This study is crucial to the Kyusho practitioner and is one of the most important courses of study in the Kyusho curriculum.

The inner aspects:

Long into history have been the legends of Iron Shirt or a protection against weapon and physical attack.  This information will delve into the hand-to-hand protection that one can train their bodies with… not against any other weapon… but against punches and kicks, especially to Kyusho targets.  Now that said, do not think that this offers 100% protection, or that a more experienced Kyusho Practitioner cannot recognize and overcome these specialized attacks.  But as the world accepts and integrates Kyusho more and more into their arsenal, it is beginning to be an important part of the training process.

Conventional attack methods have long been trained in the first level of Iron Shirt or body conditioning to ward off damage and increase pain tolerance.  It is also the realized benefit of many years training even without conscious efforts in this direction.  That is because the rougher you treat the body in a continuous manner, the more it adapts and is actually strengthened.  The mere act of break falling for example toughens the body and actually fortifies the structures.  Each time concussion is directed in a certain area, calcium is...

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