Kyusho Interview with Zuzana Mazacova 

Kyusho International has always been proud of the members and affiliated instructors around the world.  We have so many talented people from all aspects of life, from not only Martial Arts, but Business, Health, Arts and so many other professions.

Let me introduce an upcoming Videographer from Prague, Czech Republic... Zuzana Mazacova.  Her video work is brilliant and cutting edge, with a sense of fun, urgency and capturing the human element.

This Kyusho Interview with Evan Pantazi in Prague, Czech Republic May 2017, was during a course sponsored by Miroslav Brožíček - Kyusho International Certifying Instructor.

Film created and edited by: Zuzana Mazacova Videography

And Subscribe to her YouTube Channel - Click Here



We celebrate our friends Successes

Many time people forget the people behind the scenes and they go without notice.  Well we celebrate peoples success and love to promote their efforts and skills.

Zusana was present the entire two days of the course, relentlessly following and shooting.  She was like a Ninja Shadow, as you would often not see her except when she was directly in the action.

I have created over 80 videos and never have I seen the level of skill in shooting and production that Zusana has... please go and subscribe to her YouTube Channel - Click Here

So thank You Zusana for the gracious gift, energy and enthusiasm... all the best in your budding career!


Another great Video

Here is more of Zusana's brilliant work in Video with Miroslav Brožíček and the great KI folks in Prague, Czech Republic.



#Kyusho   -ep

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