Today we're going to be taking a look at some nerve attacks or Kyusho in Hollywood Productions. We've done it in the past with TV series like Kung Fu and movies and other related media presentations. But this time we're going to take a look at the "Equalizer 3" movie.

This was sent to me by one of the subscribers and he asked the question; could you do an expose on this target and maybe a little background and demonstration, so I've put together this film for you. The target is on the median nerve and it's used in the movie The Equalizer 3, by Denzel Washington. It is stated in the movie by Denzel that it causes severe pain and he was going from level two to level three and saying that level four was going to make the person have a problem with his bowels. The person was of course screaming in pain, cuz it's Hollywood and it looks better. Now this target can also be applied in a a more quick pulse type of an action, what we call a "Compression". In Kyusho we use concussions (striking) and we have compressions (pressing) but applied with force that just intensifies for a split second and then releases. It's not a ballistic hit, that comes in, it's more like a grabbing and a torquing onto this particular nerve. And this particular nerve does cause a lot of pain, it does cause a lot of dysfunction, as well as altered levels of consciousness.

So Hollywood is picking up on these Kyusho targets as they have been for many years, it's no secret now, but what's interesting about this one is it's also a target in Honhan Sokens notes. It's listed as Teko which is very powerful and it had ramifications of unconsciousness in the notes. You may remember from the Hohan Soken notes series, he would go over the physiological dysfunctions that the body would occur. The affects were listed as "Fainting - Give pains to breast and neck portion by stimulation of main and branch nerves, and cause loss of motor organ". It also causes loss of blood pressure as there's also not just a nerve but also an artery in that location. The Nerve Denzel Washington had used as The Equalizer but I also used the underlying artery to cause pain, dysfunction and altered states of consciousness.

Coming up in the demonstration part of the extended videos, I also go over the anatomical study which you see playing in the background. You can willlearn where the nerve lies and hear how to dysfunction it.

I'm excited to bring you this one because again anytime we see Kyusho making the mainstream Television or Hollywood Movies many new people gain interest as there's a huge hunger for more efficient Self Protection. On YouTube You're seeing mostly Knockouts because they're of course more spectacular, but we also have the grappling aspects as well as Tuite and many other possibilities like healing and others. So again welcome back to the channel and uh also take a look at this film and you will see the results of this new Equalizer application of Kyusho.

See the other knockouts and learn how to do them in the extended film - running time 21 Minutes

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