Why Yes of course.

Why not ingrain the best and most efficient methods in your training?

Tegumi (手組Naha-Te) or Mutō (無刀 Shuri and Tomari-Te) is a traditional form or method of grappling and or wrestling from old Okinawan practices.  It has been written that Tegumi was probably the original form of fighting in Okinawa and as it evolved it was  enhanced by the striking and kicking techniques emanating from China.  It is also thought to be the progenitor of Te, which is the foundation of modern karate.

Fast forward to today, it is used more in training as prefabricated fighting sequences with both offensive and protective aspects in a rigorous give and take two man set.

Modern Training

Many top practitioners have developed their own Tegumi's over time, with some excellent simulated fighting action and benefit to those training.  And much like a Judo match, there may be set sequence and rules, however it is far from benign, it is (or can be) a very competitive activity with yes even winners and losers.  The conditioning of body, mind and spirit form a stronger martial artist as well, with keen sense of balance, distancing, in close fighting realities unlike most distanced sparring matches or one step training sequences.

But Something Is Missing

There is still a major component missing and that is Kyusho.

Yes Kyusho is as real as the nerves, organs, blood vessels and reflexes, yet most in the Martial Arts still refuse to believe it... let alone incorporate it.  And to be honest their is a lot of crappola out there in the Kyusho world... but that does not mean real Kyusho is not valid.  In fact most Martial Artists seek inner secrets to their arts, their entire life... but when it is placed right under their nose they shun it.  Even after so many venerated masters of old discussed, used and documented it.

Kyusho is the most crucial part of the art (if you are not aiming at a vital target, you are then just playing a game), in targeting the vital weaknesses in the opponent.  This is for any Martial Art or style as no one would teach just hitting general areas would they?

Tegumi is a perfect practice to integrate the Kyusho as the body moves flow and targets avail themselves to those that know them and how to utilize them.  These Tegumi can be performed for any Kata or Style using their own methods, techniques, tools and patterns.  For any instructor it also adds excitement, challenge, physical endurance, focus and accuracy to your students skill sets... and it is amazingly fun for them as well.  They feel stronger (because they are), more confident and they believe more in their skills.  They actually look for more of the Tegumi's to work on... this also challenges the instructor to dig deeper into their own personal art and brings more excitement, challenge and fun to themselves personally as well.  This will reduce instructor burnout and add more value overall to the school and style... but how valuable would they also be to their organizations and styles as they bring the past to meet the present and develop the future?

You owe it to yourself, your students and your style to incorporate the Kyusho into this dynamic training.



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