Fook Sao - Blood Pool Hand

Excerpt from Wing Chun Tegumi Filming

So often we look at moves in our martial arts forms and think they are only for exercise, to develop energy, or as defensive only application.  By always considering each action a defensive and offensive tool, you can instantly double the depth and value of each action and your style as a whole.

As example the hooked hand posture known as Fook Sao from the Wing Chun style (Blood Pool Hand in the Bubishi), is seen in many other styles of China, Okinawa and even Japan.  Most feel it is to trap or monitor the opponents limbs, yet never consider the attack potentials of this hand position.

The more we look into the Bubishi and Kyusho, the more we see all styles are the same. But not only that, it gives us far greater depth and value in what ever style we are currently involved. We need to always remember, it is not the style that is important, it is the individual and their understanding of the human body that is.

By using this soft folding hand as example at the occipital nerves at the base of the skull, we are able to induce an electrical shock within the body.  This flash of electricity is the action of the crane and portrayal of the "Crane Spreading Its Wings" in the body response. This is not accidental in correlation, this is, as all is in Martial Art Forms, a portrayal of cause and effect.


If you are new to Kyusho, or even if you know Kyusho, try this experiment.

With the inside palm of the Fook Sao (Blood Pool Hand), softly wrap your palm around the base of your skull, lift the hand away a few inches and then with the same soft hand slap the base of the skull toward the forehead to experience the electrical shock depicted.

This is the essence of White Crane and Wing Chun

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