Part 22 of the Advanced Kyusho Sound Projection Series

This segment we are going into the guillotine technique as the last two segments on Sound Projection, we did with the headlock. The Guillotine is pretty much the same attacking body position and body structure as the body musculature in application is the same.

This application has to be done faster than in the headlock, because in a headlock they're primarily hanging on to you for control. However in the Guillotine they're looking more for a throw, so you got to be quick in your response to escape quickly.

The sound application, is just going to weaken the opponent's frontal body structure so you can attack in a certain way. This particular sound that we're working with (of the two we've been working working with), not only changes the opponents body actions, it is also making it difficult to apply their Iron Shirt if they know or train it. They can't use the main Iron Shirt muscle constriction as in a flinch, or a withdrawal reflex and other such methods protecting them. When you make these sounds, that negates their ability to do so and it weakens their body in a specific place. When you make the alternate sound, it weakens their body in other areas as it also tightens and contracts their body in a certain place. So if you make the wrong sound you're just helping your opponent and why we're going through all these different exercises using these two specific sounds.


Going through this Guillotine release, we can see that there are a couple anatomical structures that...

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