Kyusho Self Protection 1

Extended film running time 2 hours 15 minutes of the original program, developed in the 1990's and since refined to our modern Kyusho Self Protection Program utilized world wide.

Today we're discussing Women's Self-Protection, I call it Protection because we make it more of an aggressive action, rather than a defensive action. When a woman is being attacked she needs a little bit more initiative than just being defensive. Being defensive puts them in a completely different mind set and promotes backstepping or backpedaling, just trying to protect themselves rather than attacking the opponent.

I developed this program for Kyusho to Target a minimal selection of targets. It was originated back in the 1998/1999 time frame and we took it on the road (international seminars and courses) in 2000. The first stop we taught this openly was, (referred by one of my students), at Merrimack College in North Andover, Massachusetts. It was a team of approximately a dozen female students and staff members there. The course was a weekly 2 hour session for 3 consecutive weeks. These sessions broke down as follows:

  • The first session we laid out the targets that we wanted them to accomplish.
  • The second session trained them in a little bit more rigorous target aquistion activity.
  • The third and final segment involved a professional team of guys in the special impact suits. They had that massive head protection (for headshots), groin and body protection gear.

Extended film running time 2 hours 15 minutes

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