Down to the Nerve

Energy Development methods have long been studied along with dismissed by those that do not practice with it. Qigong or energy enhancement starts with learning to recognize and feel the subtle flows of blood and nerve pulsing within your own body. Although the process is not difficult, it does take time to recognize, feel, then direct and enhance.

In modern times, most are too rushed or under too much stress, that they can imagine being still to first accomplish this, nor do they imagine they have the time to work with it for constant time allotments on a daily basis. Eventually people can learn to accomplish the same benefits during movements of all types, some of course more demanding actions will take greater processing time and training.

There are certain keys (not limited to one culture or tradition), to fully enhance the system, such as proper breathing. And of course there are improper methods being taught that hinder progress more than help. As example breathing from the Hara or Dan Tien, this method is able to correct many issues with stress induced ailments, however it has many limitations and even some potential problems to that can arise.

Learning the correct ways through the use of special keys from Chinese, Indian and Mayan practices, we can accomplish a full body breathing process. This not only stimulates and invigorates your body and mind, it affects the nerve, lymph, blood and all systems down to the Pineal Gland in the Brain.


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