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Yes this website... is the third generation of originating in 1999... and boasts over 2,200 pages in this generation and with thousands more in the discussion forum, also in it's 3rd generation.

There is more information on this website for Kyusho than any other source in the world... that is video, charts (real anatomy not bogus acupuncture charts), text... interactive graphics as well as interactive discussions.

Nothing else is close.


We keep building

We keep adding, refining and adding information, members and exposure everyday.  Virtually everyday there is a modification so it is always on the bleeding edge of technology as well as information.

We have never rested on our laurels as most have, we forge ahead with new research, programs and educational value for all of you.  It is an addiction so expect far more coming at you.


Recent Letter

Here is a recent email from Richard in Austria as example of a difficulty he has encountered:

What I think would be also a good adding if you already ask me, are references to already existing material where to get more on those points and Ideas. As the whole structure of the KI Portal is already so huge it would be good to know where to find what in relation. As almost every point is already elaborated in a very great way, it needs only to be found. [😊]

After over one year I still find new Articles and Information within.

Makes it never be boring to explore but it is easy to miss good stuff.

Tough problem... too much information... and more coming.


How to use this site

You can not expect to zip through 30 years of information in a year, we urge you to take your time... the free information will take you that long but we still keep adding it.

Our suggestion is; after you have gone through the top menu visiting all the pages in that menu, it will give you a clear view of the site.

Next we suggest you read the blog posts and comments if any from the beginning to understand the evolution taking place.

Then we urge you to use the general section of the interactive discussion forum to ask questions on what you so far understand... and want more information on.

After all that... then yes we urge you to pick up additional support materials.  The subscriptions are the best cost effective way to do it, but we also offer books, mp4 downloads, DVD's (least cost effective) and of course take advantage of our special deals to save you over 20% and help you recoup those expenses as well.

Finally if you are truly serious, we urge you to join our mission and become an active affiliate.  We will coach you to a higher degree of success, skill and understanding.


There's even more

Social media... yes we are on Twitter, Google+, 4 pages on Face Book, Steemit, Busy, YouTube and others.

Everything here is designed to inform you of all the successes around the world as well as gathering, classes, new affiliates and just about everything you could want.


Enjoy, we are!



#Kyusho  -ep