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Enhanced Accuracy and Spontaneity

We all understand that drills help develop neural pathways to reduce hesitation, increase muscle speed and efficiency, as well as accuracy in motion. But many cast drills to a non-realistic training that wastes the practitioners time and will never be usable in real stress situational need.

High stress and adrenalized body conditions and restrictions will only allow the individual gross motor skill actions. However we can refine some finer motor skills into gross motor skills through repetition which develops neural pathways. So drills are far better than technique, especially if you further refine the drill to encompass many combative situations and need. The same actions you drill and repeat, must be adaptable to spontaneous and irregular application without thought or planning. This is the way to work with Kata and then subdivide into smaller actions of Kata, next week we will bring you the full form this 5 Star (Gock Ng Sing) ,drill evolved from to illustrate the way to learn how to break down and utilize any form or Kata.


Follow these links for the full video breakdown... 


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