Another First:

Welcome to our Kyusho Discussion Series, where your host Evan Pantazi, talks with great Kyusho Practitioners around the world.

We will discussing what benefits Kyusho Practitioners from around the world have obtained and their general outlook on the study and training of Kyusho.

So often we hear one or two voices stating their views and positions on Kyusho, with this new series we will be giving you the input from the top Kyusho people in the world.

Some of the conversation starters may be:

  • Intro: name, location (general), martial art, profession.
  • How long have you been doing Martial Arts and also Kyusho?
  • Has it improved your Art?
  • How do you like the training?
  • What else has it benefited you with (Personal or Professional)?
  • What would you like in the future of or from Kyusho?

Then we will allow the conversation to take it's own direction to allow the practitioner to have a regular conversation on the topic of Kyusho.

These will not be restricted to Martial Arts, they will include the KTCP (Kyusho Tactical Control Program), used by Law Enforcement and Protective Agents and agencies around the world, Health, Wellness, Energy Development, Personal Protection, Intimacy and more.

If you have any comments, questions or future ideas you would like to see, just post them in the comments section below.

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Now sit back and enjoy the series...

These are the leaders who bring Kyusho to the people... let's hear what they have to say.