This month we have a great interview with Max Maislinger of Salzburg, Austria.

Max has had many experiences in real life use of Kyusho as a Corrections Officer working in the prison system and now in Law Enforcement on the streets of Salzburg.

He is the head instructor for the Kyusho Tactical Control Program and instructing fellow police officers in official capacity in several countries.

Most people talk of Kyusho, Max is one that uses Kyusho in daily life.



Markus Maislinger
Location: Salzburg (Austria)
Exclusive KI Certifying Instructor Level 3
Certification License to PL-1
KTCP-FULL - Instructor
Kyusho-Jutsu Kokusai Shihankai 急所術国際師範會 - 3rd Degree Black Belt
Email - Click Here
Website - Click Here


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