20130226-190020.jpg3 Tiers

The Kyusho curriculum was originally constructed in 3 tiers simultaneously. It actually was constructed by following the works of two artists, one strategist and countless hours of training and combative application. This was correlated and constructed with western medical science to insure greater safety as well as real physical potential.

Leonardo Da Vinci hid his true intent and information by using backward and inverted instruction, Dali depicted structures within structures within yet more structures. And Sun Tzu chronicled how to understand and defeat the opponent even before the conflict. This is how the Kyusho International curriculum was created and why those working with it have far surpassed the other Kyusho training groups in skill and understanding.

The first tier was made partially public at first and it advanced Kyusho far beyond prior training methodologies. All theories were discarded and only correct and actual moving target acquisition was trained. And since it has been used in over 70 countries for the past 10 years, it now stands for the Black Belt Dan Ranking criteria used by the Kyusho-Jutsu Kokusai Shihankai 急所術国際師範會 [International Association of Kyusho-Jutsu Master Instructors]

Our second tier now public at special events, is in using fighting to train Kyusho instead of using Kyusho to add to our fighting (please read "A Fallacy").  This will again change the way Kyusho is taught, learned and trained as the first tier accomplished.

This second tier not only trains Kyusho faster and far better, it also increases the users practical abilities as opposed to simple dojo tricks... still used by outside groups and instructors. This is divided into public and private curriculum's with the more powerful training reserved for those more committed

The third tier is only privately trained for those capable of prior tiers and dedicated enough to work in an accordingly disciplined manner to avoid health complications for all involved.

This is a general outline in the full deployment of Kyusho for historical record and the continued quality for future generations.