Sanchin Kyusho Tegumi

Part 15 in a Continuing Series

In this next segment we're going to work on the first of three Wauke actions in the Sanchin Form. The first comes at the end of the double arm thrusts and the double seizing action, as you step 90 degrees to the left side, we come in with a double outward palm  advance and into the Wauke action. Now when you're doing the Wauke, it could have many different aspects to it, for example it could be a concussive or ballistic crane aspect. Or it could be a Tiger  action where it's more grappling, grabbing and seizing, or it could also be a Dragon action, which is the synthesis of both the Crane and Tiger combined. We will go through all three as there are three turns and three Wauke Actions. This emulates the three animals  styles that the Uechi Ryu / Pangainoon  system is fashioned after or derived from. So here for the first one we will enact a Crane action of extended

See the other knockouts and learn how to do them in the extended film - running time 21 Minutes

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