Welcome to Kyusho.com

For a historical perspective, The old website was created in 1995 with the website enjoyed over a million+ hits from some 30,000+ unique visitors each month!  This was a huge success with enthusiastic Kyusho practitioners from around the world, as well as new people researching on what Kyusho is and how they can utilize it for themselves.

In 2000 the Advanced Kyusho discussion Forum was initiated and had over 5000 members from around the world all sharing in this incredible information.   Well the website was very old technology and needed to be updated as did the forum... and here it is... however you will need to re-register with a new account for the forum.

This new forum will begin anew, however the old forum will still be available as an archive with your old login information.

  • We suggest you use the same for both so there is less effort to remember new passwords and information.

Many new people join Kyusho during each week just from curiosity... and the Advance Kyusho Forum is still the best source of information on the Internet!

The general section is just that, people discussing generalities of the subject. But as they join the conversations from those with some experience, it can get confusing.

We also suggest for newer people (as well as old members),  to start and develop this for their own personal use and benefit:

  • Read regularly so you get to know the people and the way they communicate.
  • Get a feel for the topic and the terminology.
  • Ask related questions as they come to you, do not wait as you will forget them.

It can be easy to get off focus, but stay the course as it is actually the fastest way to your personal success!

"From Experience, not theory"

Here is to the next decade... welcome!

Sincerely, Evan Pantazi