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People always ask where they can find the best pressure point charts.... is it in the old texts, is it in the 3D models of the Bronze Man (women, children and animals now as well) or is it in more life like drawings.

Charts are getting better, but there are several problems with all of them for someone truly working to understand or learn Kyusho.

The first and biggest problem is that the charts used by 95% of all Kyusho practitioners are acupuncture charts... and Kyusho is not acupuncture.  The issue with this is that all the Kyusho targets are anatomical structures inside the body, not outside.  This give the onlooker inadequate information on the deeper tissues and amount of penetration required to access the real targets (which are not actually pressure points). We must know really what we are trying to access and these antiquated drawings will not suffice.

The second problem in that these superficial charts depict exterior targets and imaginary lines that interconnect a series of them.  These old drawings or charts were at the time sufficient as they were held by instructors to show their students as they performed actual methods on live beings, they were a simple reminder of what they did in reality.  And again not Kyusho.

A third problem if a Kyusho Practitioner is working from such a chart is that the actual locations or Kyusho targets are not even shown or depicted.  They are skin level or on some more modern examples on two dimensional drawings of the muscle structures... but again this is too superficial and inadequate to understand or know the actual target.  There is also no possibility to see exactly how to get past the surrounding structures (or what the even are or consist of), are the hard structures like a bone or softer tissue like a muscle.  Also not readily understandable is how to cause trauma or reflexive reaction to the actual target, is there a bone to strike it into,is there a way to stretch or compress the target so as to irritate, stimulate, damage or compress?

What is needed is a multi layered and anatomically accurate image that the practitioner can interact with to discover all the exacting structures, depth, surrounding structures and ways to best manipulate them.  So where do you find this type of chart?

The answer is always here at www.Kyusho.com and it's sister site learn.kyusho.com.

The chart depicted below is a fully interactive anatomically correct Kyusho target chart.  How you work this is to click on the vertical text  marked "LAYERS" at the top left of the image.  There you will see sliders that you can manipulate to dissolve through the multiple layers or see exactly what you need to see in order to more fully understand the actual target.  In this chart which is more advanced and being integrated into the new subscription service, We have separated into only 4 layers.  We combined the vascular and nerve structures and have not depicted the internal organs.  This is just an example for you and more fully implemented inside the newer technology of the subscription.



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