Advancing in Skill

The question often comes up, "how do I gain certification in Kyusho"?

The answer is divided in two possible processes, one with simple skill level accomplishment and another in Black Belt certification.

The Black Belt certification process will be laid out for you next week, for this week we will concentrate on skill level achievements. These are not associated with a rank or a teaching license, they are merely an individuals way to measure their skill progression. There is a generalized curriculum outline and criteria that must be met or exceeded, but how the individual performs them are in their own personal style. This freedom of expression give each individual a more fair and equitable verification process, as they are not measured against others that may be younger, faster, more flexible, etc. The individual may pick the targets and tools they prefer, in a mobile application to fulfill each level.

Where can we learn Kyusho

There are several ways to learn the Kyusho, first in regular group training at a local Kyusho International Affiliate (Click Here to locate)... this is where you will develop the hands on skills with other Kyusho enthusiasts. Next is at seminars held around the world (Click Here to locate)... or locate a training group near you. And then you can study using the Online Educational Course (Click Here to locate)... and send in your certification videos.


Here is one man from a distant country and distant from Kyusho Instructors or Groups that wanted to train. He has subscribed to the online education program and has been occasionally sending in a video to verify if he had attained the correct skills level by level. Here are his first 3 level test submissions sent over the last year  (used with by permission), to help others (like you) understand the process as he progresses up the levels.



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