Kyusho Basic Knife Training (1999)

Occasionally looking back is an excellent way to validate if information, training and instruction of a certain Kyusho process still holds value, or must be refined, built upon or even eliminated.

In this case the look back was on the Kyusho Basic Knife Defense training that was developed in 1995 and filmed in 1999.

The idea was to eliminate most of the non functional "typical" knife defense techniques (taught in Dojos), that would not work in a real attack. This was inspired by years of training with many knife experts of many varying styles... and advanced with the addition of Kyusho targets with proactive not reactive methodology.

In Kyusho there are 3 levels of training in the Knife Defense level that grow in intensity as well as speed, situational awareness and both defending against the knife attack as you develop skill in the attack method. This give the practitioner a dual perspective that must become one to have a chance of victory against such an attack.


For the full 1:17:00 film access these links... a lot of KO's


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