Daniel12015 or 15th annual IKC

International Kyusho Convention is a special year as it has been 15 contiguous years of this amazing event, the pinnacle in Kyusho events.

We have given yearly awards for the top Mentor, Researcher, Ambassador and Dedication:

1. Mentor Award, top instructor that gets on the mat and leads by experience. Teaching openly with their heart and soul, in a clear understandable manner.

2. Research Award, given to those that develop and idea or direction of study. Not only bringing new information to light, but also the ability to teach others how to implement the knowledge in their own style.

3. Ambassador Award, will be given to the individual that brings people together. Who has traveled and openly shared Kyusho in many locations around the world.

4. Dedication Award will be given to the individual that displays the most dedication and determination in learning as a student of the art.


This year we had an Instructor that fully embodied all of these traits, skills and dedication to further Kyusho on a global basis to the most people.

Here is just a portion of achievements in Kyusho, this year alone:

  1. Developed Groups in; Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Taiwan and India.
  2. Has given Kyusho Courses in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Nicaragua, Argentina and India.
  3. Affiliated to KI and “KI Asia” SGLs in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Malaysia and Argentina
  4. He is giving assistance to other instructors in several other countries as well like; Nicaragua, Argentina and others.
  5. He has become Editor for the Chinese Budo International Magazine.
  6. He is working with Doctor Malaysia to make Kyusho Health & Wellness nationally recognized healing program.
  7. He is working in China to have Kyusho nationally Licensed so that it can be taught legally.
  8. He has instituted a Kyusho program in the ITF (International Taekwondo Federation) in their new Harmony program.
  9. Organized the First Kyusho Taiwan members technical exchange in which more than 100 members participated as if it were a huge study group, (a kind of national convention)
  10. Organized the Kyusho Seminar with Evan Pantazi in Argentina
  11. Helped both Argentinian TI's to accomplish CI
  12. Organized the first Kyusho Healing Seminar in Taiwan
  13. Organized the 4th Kyusho Asia Seminar with Evan Pantazi
  14. Running 12 Kyusho groups in Taiwan plus the several others abroad
  15. Agreed to plan the edition for 2016 of Budo International Japanese version which will open new opportunities for all of us in KI

This is actually a small fraction of what he has accomplished, as he also has several Taekwondo and Kickboxing schools he has opened this past year.

Daniel has devised a very successful manner of helping his Study Group Leaders as well as adhering strictly to the protocols and strict requirements in Kyusho International.  Using our powerful training system, these people are opening all of Asia to the benefits of Kyusho.  This includes a lot of work and travel and challenge (especially out of his own country and in a secondary language as barrier).


Star Achievement Award

The Star achievement Award is based on the uniqueness of a star, no not like a hollywood false actor, but like a celestial entity that radiates so much energy that the universe is completely affected.

With so much accomplished we have awarded Kyusho's first ever Star Achievement Award, and so the star may shine as brightly as it can be other yearly awards are suspended.


And always remember that our Kyusho International Members are the best in the Kyusho World, Daniels' skills attest to that as well...